Who this is for

This private foundation was formed to make a positive impact in the lives of:

  • MFM employees and their families (including grandchildren)
  • MFM agents and their families (including grandchildren)
  • Veterans, disabled/fallen military members, and first responders/police (and families)


There are three defined Foundation programs - Scholarships, Hardship/Emergency Funds, and Grants/Donations. Foundation programs have been introduced in phases.

  • Hardship/Emergency funds for MFM employees/families launched in early 2020
  • Applications for need-based scholarships (college and trade schools) for MFM employees/families and MFM agent employees/families were introduced January, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year. 
  • Two Veteran-related causes, nominated by MFM employees, received donations from the Boyd Midwest Family Private Foundation in 2021.
  • Hardship/Emergency funds for MFM agents/families launched January, 2022.

Get more info

More detailed information and application forms for each program, along with IRS-tax-deductible donation information, are provided via the “links” below. Questions and comments can be directed to foundation@midwestfamily.com.